Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sorry, this ending is way to happy,

I've read 500 pages a day. I have finished a few books this week. Although, most of them are short stories. I ended up holding back the AP book till the last-minute. I like Shakespeare most of the time, but I was more in the mood for young adult romance this week. As you like it  reminded me of  Twelfth Night because they had similar endings. In both the lead girl cross dresses as a boy and a girl falls in love with her not knowing this. In both they group the couples and get married together.

I am very close to my female friends. I get very touchy and hug them as much as possible. You can guess how many jokes were made about this, yet I continue to do it. I always tell them "you're so cute!" or "I love you!". That's how I was able to relate to this quote:

"Rosalind lacks then the love
Which teacheth thee that thou and I am one.
Shall we be sundered? Shall we part, sweet girl?"
(Shakespeare 1.3. 45)

Celia and Rosalind are close enough to continuously tell each other that they love the other. There's
always a hint of romance but people still know to think otherwise, which, is exactly the same as my relationship with my friends. 

I'm going to put off  late night reading till the end of school as a break. Once summer break starts I'm going to tackle the books required English 3 AP and the poems, plays, and literary terms required for the Literary Criticism UIL team.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I got back my minimum reading time. This past week I've read for five hours a day. I completely finished The Selection series.  I read a total of 809 pages. This wasn't too challenging since I love this series. I'm going to further challenge myself by reading Shakespeare's As you like it

I personally never understood people who act like some they're not...I get that sometimes you have to but why? I never bothered to please people like that. I've always thought "Well, if they don't like me then ok that just means we wouldn't get along anyways." I think it has more to do with laziness. Either way, I just never cared for these things. That's why I couldn't relate with Eadlyn. Reading about this characters growth gave me more insight on this matter. Eadlyn spent her whole life pleasing others. She never took time from herself. All this work gave her enough stress to kill someone but she pulled through. Everyone in the world expected her to be perfect as the future queen. One tiny mistake and it would be broadcasted every where. With pressure like this you'd expect someone to go crashing down. Eadlyn, with the support of others, eventually realized that in the end her life was hers. “If any of us had stopped worrying about how we looked like we were performing and focused on how we were actually performing, we would have come to this conclusion long ago.” (Cass 357) I felt like I was screaming these exact words to her the entire time I spent reading this book. With this conclusion Eadlyn made a brave move that benefited everyone. She was able to be her best when she was being herself. I like how Cass chose to use "performing". Most people would use "looked". This was a good choice of diction because it makes readers realize that Eadlyn had always been performing her whole life. 

Friday, April 7, 2017

My life so far as a reader

I'm Ashley Sebastian, I'm a sophomore in highschool, and I want to restore my passion for reading. Reading was about all I did growing up. In kindergarten time out meant reading time so, I'd get in trouble on purpose just to read. By first grade, I was reading Magic Treehouse and Judy Moody, both series meant for kids older than me. My love for books was pretty clear, when I received gifts, they'd always be books. By fifth grade, I'd already finished A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, and Percy Jackson. I would consider the day unproductive if I didn't read at least 700 pages. By the time I reached seventh grade I started reading my father's philosophical books. I would give examples but I'd have to sneak through his library for that. They were intriguing but my interests lie elsewhere. In eighth grade, I switched back to young adult books such as: The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Selection, Twilight,  Heroes of Olympus, Ruby Red Trilogy, Abandon series, and the Mortal Instruments. My all time favorite from the Ap reading list would have to be A Thousand Splendid Suns. When I reached high school I got bored with what became my regular book. They all seemed the same to me. I discovered historical fiction. Since then my life has been mystical. I absolutely love historical fiction...if anyone has any recommendations please get to me. Please look up Philippa Gregory.  My goal this year is to read at least 20 books. I used to read for five hours a day. Now, I only read an hour a day. I'm going to try fixing this in the summer when I have more time to read.