Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sorry, this ending is way to happy,

I've read 500 pages a day. I have finished a few books this week. Although, most of them are short stories. I ended up holding back the AP book till the last-minute. I like Shakespeare most of the time, but I was more in the mood for young adult romance this week. As you like it  reminded me of  Twelfth Night because they had similar endings. In both the lead girl cross dresses as a boy and a girl falls in love with her not knowing this. In both they group the couples and get married together.

I am very close to my female friends. I get very touchy and hug them as much as possible. You can guess how many jokes were made about this, yet I continue to do it. I always tell them "you're so cute!" or "I love you!". That's how I was able to relate to this quote:

"Rosalind lacks then the love
Which teacheth thee that thou and I am one.
Shall we be sundered? Shall we part, sweet girl?"
(Shakespeare 1.3. 45)

Celia and Rosalind are close enough to continuously tell each other that they love the other. There's
always a hint of romance but people still know to think otherwise, which, is exactly the same as my relationship with my friends. 

I'm going to put off  late night reading till the end of school as a break. Once summer break starts I'm going to tackle the books required English 3 AP and the poems, plays, and literary terms required for the Literary Criticism UIL team.


  1. This is pretty interesting! I've never read either of these stories, but I might look into them a bit more. I think you could elaborate a little more about the books, and about Rosalind and Celia's relationship, but overall pretty good entry.

  2. The connections made in this blog enhance my understanding of your message and the number of pages you've read is very impressive.